Portland Section

President's Message

President's Message


As the newly appointed NW Portland Section President, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you. I feel honored to have been appointed, and in some ways feel well qualified for the job.  However, there are some aspects of it that will be challenging for me.
I am definitely a “car guy.”  I have owned older cars all of my life and have always had a passion for restoring and upgrading them;  first old bullet nose Studebakers, then BMW’s, and now Mercedes Benz.
Currently, my “fleet” ranges from a 1959 220SE sedan to a 1977 450SL - all of which are in various stages of restoration, or waiting for new owners.
My vision for the Club in the next couple of years includes:
1. Finding ways to “grow” membership - especially ways to attract younger members.  What kind of activities would draw young families?  How do we get them to attend events when their lives are already filled with soccer, little league, dance classes and school events?  What activities would be meaningful to them?
2. Encourage events that include other local sections such as Seattle, Vancouver, etc.
3. Consider joint events with other car clubs such as BMW, Porsche, Alfa, Audi, etc. This could range from seeing diverse car collections to having tours with other local groups, such as the Packard and Cadillac Clubs.
4. Continue to have educational and entertaining events that foster a better understanding of how to maintain, care for, and possibly even purchase your next Mercedes Benz.
In closing, I look forward to meeting new people in the NW Portland Section and will always be open to any ideas, insights or activities that would make our association a memorable and worthwhile endeavor.
See you soon,

Ron Woodruff
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